Mayer Music Academy develops every child’s natural love of music. We have a uniquely designed, activity based learning environment structured to meet each student’s needs and musical interests. We recognize that children learn and adapt differently and stress the importance of adapting the curriculum to a child’s developmental level.

Our academy strives to assist children in personal development, as well as musical development. Our goal is to teach students to become life-long active listeners and musicians. We spark each child’s interest in music, and we applaud every musical milestone. Our students love to learn because we love to teach.

All of our teachers are highly-trained musicians; but most importantly, all of our teachers work well with children. Patience, respect, and a strong understanding of child development are the top qualities of all Mayer Music educators. We train musicianship through encouragement and understanding.

We incorporate a musical game into every lesson in order to develop children’s natural need for creativity and self-thought. We believe every child is a musician who needs a positive and playful experience with music and music educators to thrive.

Recent Events

  • 2015 Composition Workshop

  • 2015 Spring Recital

  • 2014 Holiday Music Workshop

  • 2014 Halloween Recital

  • 2014 Composition Workshop

  • 2014 Spring Recital

  • 2013 Halloween Recital